830398_313727425415866_1215273998_oCasino Kings was originally started in 2010 by Dave and Sukanya Northup as Lady Luck Casino Entertainment. In 2014 we were forced to change our name.

This all started as I coached my son’s Little League teams. Every year they would have a Casino Night fundraiser. To save money for the league the coaches would deal the blackjack and poker tables. I loved doing this and looked forward to dealing every year. In 2004, Sukanya was the Fundraising VP for the league and also team mom of our revival team, the Dodgers. Someone had told her that I always dealt and introduced us. The night of the event the pit boss, Maria, told me she had seen me deal every year and asked me to come to work for them. By the end of the night my life had changed, I was now starting my path to owning a casino rental company, and I asked Sukanya on a date.

I eventually taught Sukanya how to deal blackjack and we worked for the other company part time for 6 years. I always said we could do this better. I found a company that makes beautiful casino quality tables but the price was very high. That same night I found four tables that had been made at that same manufacture on craigslist for a fraction of the price, so we went for it.

My dad who lives in Northern California offered to build our tables. We now have a large inventory of equipment thanks to my dad.

What makes us different from most of our competitors is the quality of our equipment, our customer service and a great team of dealers, and yes Maria is one of my best dealers. And unlike most of our competitors, Sukanya and I are out working the parties.

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