services-1-webCasino Night Fundraiser – There are many fund raising event ideas available these days to fundraising committees. The challenge is to make it fun and make money at the same time. Casinos are exciting! Donating is fulfilling. Why not combine the two into a super-exciting event that will have people coming back year after year?

We know that while your objective is to raise funds, you also want to be able to offer participants to socialize and have fun while they’re supporting the cause. We have a lot of experience, and look forward to helping you plan a successful event for your group.

The advantages of having a casino fund raising event include:

  • It’s a fun interactive party
  • Casino Parties will attract many who would not normally attend the typical boring
  • Tickets are easy to sell, since most people like to gamble
  • The event usually only lasts three to five hours
  • This type of fund raiser is ideally suited as an annual event, with different themes each year


How much can be raised?

The amount raised will vary, depending on the number of attendees, ticket prices, drink prices, and other related activities at the Casino Party.


Here’s how it works…

Typically, tickets are sold, and the guests are provided with food (usually a buffet style), beverages, entertainment, play money, raffle tickets, and the chance to win prizes.

The guests then eat, drink and play the casino tables for two to three hours, and turn their chips and unused play money into raffle tickets. A raffle is conducted at the end for prizes.

How the money is raised…

A casino fund raising event lends itself to more that one avenue of raising money.

Ticket Sales

Most groups will charge $25 to $100 per person, depending on the food, and entertainment provided.  Groups that pre-sell tickets will typically generate an additional 10% in profit. When tickets are pre-sold, they are usually discounted (a $25 ticket will sell for $20 up to a week before the event). Don’t worry about the discounting; you’ll make it up in ticket sales, plus beverage profits.


The way most groups go about sponsorship for casino parties are by selling sponsorship to each table. Some examples of who to target for sponsorships are banks, real estate attorneys, mortgage companies, and local businesses. Many of the businesses choose to sponsor to further promote their services.

In addition, other activities, such as the entertainment, may also be sponsored. High dollar fundraisers sometimes even have a free open bar paid for a by a generous donor.

Cash Bar

Quite often, attendees will be given one or two free drink tickets as part of their admission. Everything after that is paid for. Some groups will only serve soft drinks. Other organizations will include beer and wine. Still others will have mixed drinks as well. Since alcoholic beverages have a high markup, the cash bar can bring in a good profit. The number of bars you need will depend on the number of attendees.

One trick, to help increase bar sales, is to employ “cocktail waitresses”. I know of one non-profit who had a record night with their bar sales by using cocktail waitresses servicing the casino tables.

Silent or Live Auctions

Everybody loves an auction. An auction is one of the most profitable casino fund raising activities. Since all of the items are donated, the profit margin is almost 100%.

Both silent and live auctions are fun and profitable, but it’s been found that you will generate about 20% more money (for the same items) when you have a live auction. Bidders get caught up in the process and have a tendency to bid higher than at a silent auction. The competitive nature of this type of event benefits the casino fund raising effort.

To really make this fund raising event idea work well, it’s best to use a licensed auctioneer. This will help the auction move along at a rapid pace. One idea that has proved successful is to invite a local celebrity to help with the auction, by describing the item to be sold, then letting the auctioneer handle the bid calling.


Most groups will have 5 to 12 prizes for every 100 attendees. It’s best to get your prizes donated. A nice Grand Prizes, such as a big screen TV or vacation package will really bring in the attendees. Other prizes may include BBQ grills, certificates at day spas and restaurants, gift cards from retailers, golf umbrellas and other miscellaneous items. The theme of the event will often help dictate the prizes.


The volunteers may come from your membership or recruited family members and friends. You’ll need volunteers for decorating/set up, check-in, cashier, clean up and a few others. For an event with 100 attendees, you’ll need about 10 volunteers to ensure a smooth-running casino party.


Casino fund raising publicity is primarily generated through your membership. Some organizations will enlist a media sponsor, such as a local newspaper, to further publicize the event. Other avenues include flyers posted in local businesses, Facebook and other social media platforms.